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Wintr's Homecoming: Secrets

By Jen A. Durand, Book 1 of Secrets, Lies, and Betrayal Series

ISBN-13: 978-1517486228


Jinx Wintr was perfectly willing to be the get away driver should her friend decide Nicole decide to bolt on the eve of her wedding. Instead Jinx found herself running into old acquaintances and discovering an unwelcome surprise. 

Dominic Lowell had changed. He no longer lived for the adventure. He yearned for a home. Only now he was hoping to build those things with her. Faced with the remnants of a childhood crush and the fear that history would repeat itself. 

Should she continue to exist with a closed heart or should she trust the love of her wolf? 

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What is the point of living forever if you are stuck on a permanent diet of leaves and twigs?

Wintr's Homecoming: Secrets, Book 1 Secrets, Lies, and Betrayal Series


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