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Lipstick Diaries

Shy Meets Bold
By Jen A. Durand

ISBN-13: 978-1536900507

Roe Black struck a deal. Respectability for protection. He needed to shed his image as a philandering playboy and his wife needed to save her late mother’s legacy. All she had to do is say “I Do” and he would give her the capital she needed.


Italia Dieubon turned Italia Black wanted to protect her sister and their inheritance. Her new husband was a means to an end. He wanted entrance into the world of the wealthy elites and she wanted to make sure her mother’s business didn’t fold.


Italia and Roe did not have the strongest beginnings, but they could have greatest endings.

Wicked Meets Bad Boy
By Jen A. Durand


Nyla Laine took the saying “To get over a man, you get under another one” to heart. The day she found out her high school sweetheart was a lying cheater, Nyla did not stay down. She went out and had the most amazing night of her life.


Isaac Sousa needed a night out. At the top of his game in business world, he should have been enjoying all life had to offer. Instead he spent most nights sitting by his mother’s bedside. Meeting Nyla was an unexpected surprise and helped to get his mind off of his troubles.


Now a girl who wants to be a little wicked indulges the bad boy she never knew she wanted.

Confident Meets Cold
By Jen A. Durand


The Final Book in the Lipstick Diaries Trilogy.


Daniël Christakos did not need or want a relationship. He had his family and his work. Nothing else mattered.


Johanna Jon was alone in a sea of couples. Mr. Right was either engaged or married and she was stuck slowly shifting through Mr. Wrongs.


A set-up turned occasional fun has the potential to grow into so much more.

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