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True Match Arrangements

Billionaire's Perfect Bride
By Ajei Nouvua & Jen A. Durand


Jay’s heart had been stomped on by the one he trusted the most. Love wasn’t reliable. It was an illusion. In that moment he decided he would rather have a partner who valued loyalty and didn’t subscribe to the pipe dream that is love.

Bianca was desperate. Debt was slowly swallowing her whole and her mother needed more medical care than she could afford. True Match was her long shot and she’d hit the target.

Jay didn’t want love and Bianca couldn’t help how her heart felt. Can their arrangement become a true match?

Billionaire's Contracted Family
By Ajei Nouvua & Jen A. Durand


Isabella Elliot was running from her past and wanted a bright future. True Match Arrangements was offering her the chance to give her baby a father and ensure they had the kind of home she'd always dreamed of.

Dr. Evan Hunter lost the love of his life to cancer and dedicated the rest of his life to medicine and healing. He had money, a well respected reputation as a doctor and a innovator, and he could not be more lonely. He was ready for a family. He just did not want to love someone else. Losing his wife almost killed him.

Evan wanted a wife without love and children to share his life. Isabella wanted a husband without love and a home to raise her children in safety and security.

Can their arrangement become a true match?

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