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By Jen A. Durand

ISBN-13: 979-8638461508

“I married her to protect her. I love her because I don’t know how to not love her.”

Wolfe Constantine married his friend’s little sister to fulfill a debt.

Nissa was kind, smart, and incredibly sexy. Everything he could want in a woman and more, but he had to keep his hands to himself. The marriage was never supposed to be real. Wolfe didn’t believe in happily ever after or commitment.

When the impulse to touch her became too much, Wolfe chose to walk away.

Four years later and one bump to his head later, Wolfe has years missing from his memory. Including the fact that he was ever married.

By Jen A. Durand

ISBN-13: 979-8653422409

Roman Constantine lost the love of his life and swore he would never give his heart to another. Then he met Morgan. Beautiful, young, and off limits, he did everything he could to keep his hands to himself. Then one night changed everything.

Morgan Wright had a thriving business, great friends, and a dying personal life. She always seemed to land on the wrong guy. She and Roman have built one of the most sought after architecture firms in the city and after one night of passion, they were also having a baby together.

She would never push Roman to do anything he didn’t want to do. She was prepared to raise the baby on her own. So imagine her surprise, when he not only steps up to the plate he also pretends to be engaged to make her parents happy.

With a baby on the way maybe they can turn their white lie into reality?


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