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The Young and The Powerful

Witch's Reflection
By Jen A. Durand, Book 1 The Young and The Powerful Series

ISBN-13: 978-1535294645

Selah Gage understood why her sister was over protective. Talia could not help herself. Life had made them orphans and she became responsible for a Coven at the tender age of eighteen. Ten years later she was still trying to protect Selah from the world.


Selah learned the hard way, life was harder then just missing a party or two. Sixteen and recovering from trauma, Selah thought the worst had past.


But there was something going on. Times when she could hear voices. Whispers. Selah was sure she was going crazy. How else could she explain what was happening. Her dreams were nothing but nightmares and she wanted to confide in her sister. But secrets were reveling themselves. A past Selah was just starting to remember could cause a divide she never thought possible.


What could Selah do when even her reflection seemed unfamiliar?

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