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The Virgins Club

The Planner
By Jen A. Durand, Book 1 The Virgins Club

ISBN-13: 978-1523310951

"There is nothing wrong with having a plan. Just keep it simple." 

There was nothing simple about the plan Cain had proposed to Lilia Carriere. With the Christmas holiday baring down on her. She has to produce a boyfriend or end up her Mother's pet project list for the year. Beverly Carriere had decided her daughter needed to start on the marriage path. 

"I pretend to be the perfect boyfriend for one dinner and you approve my extra lab time. That way we all win.”

Doctor Cain Farrow just need a few days in Meadow Memorial’s research lab. Unfortunately the hospital toughest administrator's approval was needed. Hardass Carriere ran the hospital with her take charge attitude and willingness to stand up to any doctor. But Cain had something she needed. So he struck a deal.

Little did he know that the founding member of Blue Grove’s Virgins Club was the girl he never knew he wanted.

The Fixer
By Jen A. Durand, Book 2 The Virgins Club

ISBN-13: 978-1523900374

“I cannot look at something broken and not try to fix it.”


Pricilla “Prissy" Grey could be intrusive and decisive. She looked at people and tried to find a way to make their lives better. When faced with someone who needed her particular brand of help she cannot help but reach out.


“His daughter’s teacher is off limits but also the woman he wants the most."


Max Allen had moved to Blue Grove looking for a new start. He and his daughter deserved a new start. Pricilla Grey was his daughter’s teacher and his self-appointed savior. She pushed him to step out of his past and into his future.

The Dreamer
By Jen A. Durand, Book 3 The Virgins Club


Sage Grey tended to have an idealistic belief in the world. She wanted to see the good in people. So she searched it out. Something about Caleb attracted her. Ever since their first meeting she found herself looking for reasons to spend time with him.


"The world is a flawed place. People lie, cheat, and steal. Survival is pinned on who has the bigger teeth.”


Caleb Farrow had yet to meet intrinsically good people outside of his own family. Given enough time people were generally assholes. Blue Grove was full of people living like they were in some type of family sitcom. His bar would give some extremely frustrated people an outlet. A few shots of Whiskey would especially do Sage Grey some good.

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