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One Shots

The Prince's Heart
By Jen A. Durand

ISBN-13: 978-1535140386

For a life without the chains of slavery, Vashti was willing to live a lie. 

Give up her name and place her trust in the hands of a cruel king. 

Now she looks into the eyes of a good man. 

The first good man she had ever met and lied to him. 


Prince Sargon had no desire for a political marriage. 

He did not want some spoiled princess for a bride. 

Then he met Princess Lenah. 


Her warm amber brown eyes and dark sienna skin called to him. 

She was nothing like he expected, and within minutes she tugged 

on the strings of his heart.

Closing The Deal
By Jen A. Durand

ISBN-13: 978-1537713229

Ethan Adams works hard. He is a deal maker. A multi-millionaire lawyer with a growing practice.


His sister’s upcoming wedding has triggered the scheming in his mother’s voice. She’d been campaigning for years for him to settle down.


Hiring an escort seemed like the perfect solution. Daniela Monroe is smart, sexy, and charming. She has a way about her.


With the end of their arrangement drawing near, Ethan is looking to close a whole new deal.

Stuck Between Two Millionaires
By Jen A. Durand

ISBN-13: 978-1539524717

Ari Carter had two handsome men vying for her attention and no real idea of which man she should choose.


Grant Johnson was her best friend. Handsome, rich, and her biggest supporter. Ari could not think of a time he wasn’t there for her.


Devon Montgomery was her boss. While he was a little older, he also made her feel desirable.


Both men would turn any woman’s head. But Ari could only choose one.

Lasting Kind Of Love
By Jen A. Durand


Five years ago, Luca left Ashton with a broken heart and Olisa stayed behind determined to not regret her decision.

Now the mother of a four-year-old boy and working as a neonatal nurse practitioner, Olisa wasn't looking for love. She had a good life.

When Luca returns to care for his dying father, the two reconnect. The bond between the two hasn't faded.

Both wiser and older, they discover whether they had a lasting kind of love.

Things We Left Unsaid
By Jen A. Durand


Trying to move on from the wreckage of her marriage, Taylor rebuilt a life for herself. The last thing she wanted or needed was her ex-husband snooping around.


Ian McDougal wasn’t looking forward to meeting up with his Ex. Their marriage had ended in a wreckage of epic proportions. They loved and hurt each other like no one else could.


When Ian discovers Taylor’s secret, his world shifts. Suddenly their problems have to take a back seat to their reality.


Their son came first.

Twins For Christmas
By Jen A. Durand


Malcolm was at the top of his game professionally. His company was quickly becoming a contender in the realm of web design and coding. Years of hard work had finally paid off. Life was good but it could be better. He just needed to fix the one thing his ambition and his unchecked frustration broke.

Rhea Henry had a new job, new home, and her beautiful twin toddlers. She’d been burned by love and wanted this Christmas, like every Christmas for the last two years, to be a celebration of her ability to rebuild.

When her job requires her to reach out to her ex and he hands her the bargain of a lifetime… Can she afford to let him back into her life for even twelve days?

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